Think you are Honors material? There’s still time!

Hey guys! If you are still interested in joining the Honors Program, you should highly consider applying! You don’t have to be an incoming first year student. Continuing University students can still apply and get into the program! You need at least a 3.65 GPA on a 4.0 Scale (this is unweighted). The application process consists of a 500 word essay on a topic of your choice to show the Honors Admissions Committee that you have passion and commitment to academic excellence! You also need two letters of recommendation from at least two professors or any faculty that is familiar with your academic background. Finally, you have to submit your University Transcript. Once accepted, you will meet with an Honors Program Advisor and discuss any honors credits you need to take to graduate with Honors! During the duration of your Honors college experience you will have to do community service, maintain a 3.25 gpa, and complete a Honors Senior Thesis. One major perk of being in the Honors College is being one of the first students to be able to enroll in classes! You don’t have to worry about classes closing or being wait listed! So consider the Honors Program because from what i’ve heard, it is a great experience! Good luck on midterms and finals!

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College of Science Professional School Advising

Are you ready for professional school? Have you thought about continuing your education by going on to medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, or even a specific type of graduate program? I would highly encourage anyone who is thinking about applying to a professional school to meet with the College of Science Professional Advisor, Pat Wilson. Applying for professional schools may be an overwhelming concept. The College of Science Professional School Advising assists students with developing a timeline and application strategy. An organized timeline is key to a successful application. Have you ever wondered if your resume is truly professional or if your personal statement is strong enough? The professional advising center will gladly read over and critique any document you may have questions about. Take the time to put together a strong application and make an appointment with Pat Wilson. Are you already past the application period and onto the interview stage? Pat Wilson is great at conducting mock interviews! You can never be over prepared for an interview. Don’t let yourself be caught off guard with an unexpected interview question. Pat Wilson offers individual advising sessions as well as seminars. If you have a free moment go sit in on one of her sessions. You will not be disappointed. Professional applications are stressful, but knowing you have a professional advisor on your side makes applying a lot easier.

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Your Living Situation for the 2014-2015 School Year

Hello Biology and Neuroscience Majors!

So the semester is close to coming to an end and I hope it is occurring in a successful manner for you all. That being said, you may want to start thinking about your living situation for the 2014-2015 school year. Many of you have enjoyed living in the dorms during your first year but you may have found that for financial or other reasons you do not want to live on campus any longer. You need to take a lot of things into consideration when making such a decision. If you do not have your own transportation I suggest looking at the apartment or house options near campus that are at walking distance from the school. You will also need to decide if you will have room mates, and if so will you seek out friends or are you willing to be placed with random people that you do not know beforehand. You need to decide whether the friends you may want to live with would be influential in how your studying at home may be. Although you may have a really fun partying friend that you would love to be roommates with, remember that at this point in your academic career studying and having good grades should be a top priority. You should still keep your friendship but maybe opt to room with an individual that is more concerned with doing well in school as that may influence your own study habits as well.

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Final Exams are Almost Here

Although finals seem far away, keep in mind they are now quickly approaching. The most important thing to do is go through your syllabus and make sure none of your finals overlap. If your exams do overlap, go to your professor immediately and ask to rearrange the date/time.

Next, make a plan of action. Know when you need to start studying for which classes because it will be shocking when you wait until the week before exams to start studying for four final exams.

Finals are overwhelming of course, but keep in mind a few other details. Drink a lot of water, I find it more helpful than caffeine because you won’t crash. Take time to find a location best suited for you to study. The library computers fill fast during this time so think ahead as to where you want to study because you may have to stake out a spot! Lastly don’t forget to do something you enjoy each day this will keep your anxiety down, and your confidence up.

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MyNevada Schedule Planner

Hello again Biology and Neuroscience Majors!

Today I wanted to share with you an awesome feature among many in the MyNevada arsenal. This new tool quickly became my favorite after one use, and I have shared it with all my friends, and now I’d love to share it with you. If you venture into the depths of your MyNevada account, under the Student Dashboard you’ll find a group of links looking like this:

page 1

The best decision of your college registration life is about to be made. All you have to do is click on the bottom link called ‘Schedule Planner’, and the world opens up. Make sure you have pop-ups unblocked for this, and proceed to ‘click here’ to begin the journey.
page 2

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Transferring classes towards your degree!

Hello Biology and Neuroscience students!
As you are making your four year plan, you may be thinking about taking a summer class on this campus. Or maybe you want to go home for the summer, and take a course near home and eventually transfer the credit. If you do plan on taking summer courses at a different institution, you should be aware of the transferring credit policies. Before you enroll for that class in a different college, please make sure that you can still get credit for it at this institution. You can find out this information by looking at the transfer articulation found by clicking the following link:
This site is organized by college, and will show you how some classes will transfer into the university. If the institution is in Nevada and follows NSHE numbering, then the course will be easily transferable. Institutions outside the state follow a different numbering system. There have been some cases in which the class that you take does not align with the class you need to graduate, so it is important that you double check this.
Once you know that your class will transfer, and then you can sign up for the course. To transfer the credit, you can either pay their central office to mail your transcript over to the admissions and records office over here. However, I recommend that you deliver the official transcript yourself to the admissions office to save money on mailing expenses, and it will get processed faster
All in all, I wish you the best of luck next semester, and I hope that you enjoy being apart of the biology/neuroscience programs as I have!
- Lily

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Don’t procrastinate your Fall 14′ enrollment date!

Here is a quick tip on how to view your enrollment day and what time you can start! Enjoy these 3 easy steps: )






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Standardized Entrance Exams

If you want to go to professional school, you’re most likely going to take an entrance/admissions exam.

Contact the school you want to attend to see when it is the recommended time to take your exam. Most likely, it will be in the summer of your Junior year.

The following are the most common exams used for graduate school admissions:

•  MCAT (Medical Admissions Test)- medical schools

•  PCAT (Pharmacy College Admissions Test)- many pharmacy schools (but not CA schools).

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The Career Studio Is Ready To Help

Hi All!

As summer is approaching fast, I know that many people are planning on applying for jobs and internships. When applying you always want to make the best impression you can. This means you can’t leave anything to chance. Online or live, the Career Studio is here to help you apply and get hired.

*The Career studio is located in Thompson 101A. Just simply stop by and drop in between:

  • 10 am – 4 pm Mondays
  • 10 am – 7 pm Tuesdays
  • 10 am – 4 pm Wednesdays
  • 10 am – 4 pm Thursdays
  • 10 am – noon Fridays

*The Career Studio has many resources available to you, but in particular they can help you with:

*There is honestly so much more that the Career Studio has to offer that will help you succeed. So make sure to stop by or visit their website at

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UNR On-campus Job opportunities

Are you interested working On-campus? If so then there is a very great opportunity available for UNR students: On-campus Job opportunity. As, we are approaching closer to summer there will be many new job posted on this website:

Working On-campus is amazing because you get a chance to interact and meet different students. Your schedule would also be flexible and also most of the jobs are part-time so you can also get time to study.

Most of the job require you to submit a resume and cover letter so I would suggest you create your resume and cover letter ahead of time. If you need help making one then you could always visit The Career Studio located in Thomson Building room: 101 A. They not only help you with resume or cover letter but also help you prepare for interview, help you explore different career pathway, make you aware of different jobs (both on and off campus), internships, etc.

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